Stake: Fortune Fighter

May 21, 2003

It seems that prior to it’s release Stake
was being hyped as a game that would break genre barriers and bring
us a type of game play we have never experienced before. How did
Gameness Art Software and Metro3D attempt to accomplish this? By
blending the four-player split screen action of a First Person Shooter
(FPS) with the beauty and finesse of a 3D fighting game. Initially
the concept raised my eyebrow a bit so I decided to go ahead and
review this game for the fans.

Shit, My Blender
Is On Fire

The main problem with the blending of
the two genres in Stake is that they forgot to include good graphics,
game play, sound, control, plot and replay ability in the mix. This
game reminds me of something you would see in a movie about a science
experiment gone terribly wrong. Stake would play the role of the
early, deformed mutant experiment that got locked in the basement
when they didn’t really know what they were doing and screwed everything

I desperately wanted to like this game. After a few hours of playing I was desperately thinking
that I must have missed something, there had to be something else
to this game! In the end I was wrong, there is nothing else to this
game. I knew it was supposed to be some sort of party game, but
it didn’t seem like there was really any game at all.