November 8, 2004

[floatleft][/floatleft]Roleplaying games are a dime a dozen now a days. Innovations are always being made in order to keep up with the big names like Square-Enix and BioWare. Every so often a game offers something so different that it really deservers the 30 plus hours of game time. The Playstation 2 has been the benefactor of the majority of the roleplaying games with the Xbox recently making big waves in the genre with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Fans of the Xbox wondered if Knights of the Old Republic would open up a door for roleplaying games on the Microsoft console. Microsoft Studios developer Climax delivered a new title to the Xbox RPG fans called Sudeki. Promising amazing gameplay, fans of the RPG genre were salivating waiting for it to hit shelves, would it stand up to the standard set by games with the word Fantasy in it?

[heading]You have a lot to live up to[/heading]

Sudeki has a lot to live up to, right away RPG fans are welcomed to a beautiful world. Though set in the clichA