December 2013


We wrap up our system-specific awards with the latest wave of systems. What were the year’s best releases on the Wii U, and which PS4 and Xbox One launch games stood out? READ MORE


2013 was a good year for my unplugged gaming, but it could have been amazing. Unfortunately, Kickstarter delays are a fact of life. Of the dozen or so projects I backed scheduled for this year, at least four were delayed beyond my deadline for this column, and two more are currently on-schedule but sadly also due to arrive on the wrong side of my cut-off date. Those five or six games and could have made a strong impact on my list.  Instead they will join the various projects already scheduled for 2014 in what could be a crazy year-end process in twelve months’ time.

And then of course there were all of the new games I played this year that had nothing to do with Kickstarter. It can be tricky to balance supporting independent designers and publishers while still making contributions to the bottom line of my FLGS, but both goals are their own reward. After all, without the store I would have far fewer opportunities to play anything, Kickstarted or not. With that, here are the ten new games I enjoyed playing the most this year. READ MORE


This year, we decided to do something special: allow staff to choose award categories of their own to join our end-of-year festivities. Today, we crown the year’s best add-on, best licensed title and best fighting game.


10. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

The 32-bit era has long since passed, so it’s not every day that we are blessed with a big-budget, high-profile JRPG. These days, even longstanding titans of the genre are relegated to portable releases almost exclusively. Clocking in at over 50 hours of gameplay, offering a stunning art direction thanks to the masterminds at Studio Ghibli and supported by the strong foundation of Level-5’s role-playing expertise, Ni no Kuni satisfied a desire that fans of the genre have been craving for a long while. READ MORE


In today’s installment of our Game of the Year awards, we cover the two portable platforms: Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s Vita. What titles came out with the prize? READ MORE