Grant Potter

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So you don’t know where to start when it comes to video game music? No problem! Let this listener’s guide give you a brief tour of the aural confections that could be filling your ears at this very moment, and this is only a small taste! Treat it as a jump start to more exploration. READ MORE

Editor’s note: Check out part one of this feature here.

Some gamers like to identify with the avatars they are controlling.  It’s only natural to want to play the characters that appeal to us. Not everyone gets a sense of accomplishment by just beelining it for the most powerful individuals. Some of us need the aesthetics to help make our choices and character themes tend to appeal to us emotionally invested gamers more than visual design. READ MORE

Ever have an emotional investment in the soundtrack for a game? From sweeping scores to simple 8-bit melodies, some gamers can’t help but feel a connection between the world they are exploring and the aural pleasures that are filling their ear drums. Music can immerse the player within the experience, breathing life into what would be senseless action without the proper cues.  It doesn’t always work, but the lasting impression music can have on the player can really change their outlook on the game as a whole. READ MORE

With fighting games riding the current wave of popularity, a dream match game seemed inevitable. In that respect, Street Fighter X Tekken seems like a no-brainer. Two top-selling franchises squaring off together is the stuff fan fiction is made for, right? But the series play completely differently, so how did the minds at Capcom reconcile the two? READ MORE

Never judge a game by its box art? Sure, that’s true, but making box art for a game can be an art in itself, and sometimes the artists come up with some fantastic pieces.  So why shouldn’t we sit back and admire the covers of our games? I would like to take a moment of your time today to share a collection of the coolest and lamest box art that has graced our senses. READ MORE