Matthew Jay

Whether you asked for it or not, Sonic 4: Episode 2 is coming. Though I’m not entirely sure why.

When Sonic 4: Episode 1 was on the way, fans could not have been more excited. Sega was finally returning to Sonic’s roots and giving us what we’ve been asking for since before polygons were common. Then the game came out and everyone was exactly as disappointed as they were excited. The levels were rote, the controls were loose and the physics. Oh God, the physics. READ MORE

Warning: there are no video games in this post! It’s all card games from here on out.

At first, Cards Against Humanity seems familiar, but its uniqueness quickly sets in. Many compare it to the more popular Apples to Apples, and with good reason: mechanically, the games are essentially identical. At least insofar as they even have mechanics. But one very important thing separates them both: sense of humor. By which I mean Cards Against Humanity has one. READ MORE

To me, melee attacks are always the most satisfying way to end someone in an online game. Nothing feels better than having thousands of dollars worth of high-tech weaponry at your disposal and still choosing to take somebody’s life with your bare hands. Thankfully, Paradox Interactive is giving us a whole team-based combat game built around melee combat. READ MORE

In 2010, Jerry of Penny Arcade announced we would not be seeing a third chapter in the Penny Arcade Adventures series. Considering what a fun and fresh take the first two were with their RPG and adventure game trappings, I was really disappointed by this news. Tycho (Jerry) started to continue the On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness story in prose on the PA website, but it just wasn’t the same. Thankfully Zeboyd Games, creator of Cthulhu Saves the World, has stepped in. READ MORE

Snapshot is a game that’s been shown off a lot of places for a long time. Sadly, this is often the case with indie titles that are just waiting for a publisher to reach a wider audience. Luckily, it’s finally hitting Steam in the next few months, followed (hopefully) by a PSN release this fall. READ MORE