PAX East 2012: Retro Affect shows off Snapshot

April 19, 2012

Snapshot is a game that’s been shown off a lot of places for a long time. Sadly, this is often the case with indie titles that are just waiting for a publisher to reach a wider audience. Luckily, it’s finally hitting Steam in the next few months, followed (hopefully) by a PSN release this fall.

As a little robot in this puzzle-platformer, you traverse a ton of bite-sized levels by moving objects through photography. Taking a picture of an item actually stores it in your camera, and can be pasted back into the level like one big, living scrapbook. Then these items can be used to get to the ends of levels, collect items and unlock secrets.

The demo I played only had about five levels, but Snapshot‘s retail release will have over a hundred, and I could definitely see myself playing each and every one to completion.