Gaijin Guide


We live in a different sort of world these days, often getting localizations of niche titles before they’re even released in Japan. But that doesn’t mean everything makes it to the West! Here are ten games we could see Stateside in 2015, as well as assessments of their chances. READ MORE


Whether you’re enticed by the idea of getting a New 3DS before the North American launch or you want to use the transition to snag an older model for cheap, it’s an intriguing time to jump into the world of 3DS imports. Sadly, it’s not region-free, but if you take the plunge on the hardware, there are a lot of compelling Japan-only experiences to try, even if you don’t know the language! READ MORE


I have two copies of Project X Zone.

It’s a common occurrence for the hobbyist importer: an eager import turns to regret when that game you thought you’d never see gets announced for a Western release. And sometimes, like with Project X Zone, it’s hard to avoid. After all, there’s a lot there that just didn’t make sense for a localization. But I’m here to help you keep this sort of thing to a minimum! If you follow these six easy guidelines, it’ll make your importing experience a lot less painful. READ MORE


Western players are likely at least somewhat familiar with Nintendo’s Art Style games, downloadable WiiWare and DSiWare titles with a shared stark aesthetic and simple-but-addictive gameplay. They’re almost all worth checking out (though the names themselves are a nightmare to keep straight across regions), but did you know that they weren’t the first of their kind? Indeed, they were preceded by a seven-game lineup for the Game Boy Advance called bit Generations. READ MORE


The longer I write this column, the more often I hear one specific bit of feedback: “Graham, this stuff sounds cool and all, but I like actually knowing what’s going on when I play games.” Fair enough! The language barrier can be overcome, but it’s never without sacrificing some degree of comfort and comprehension. But I can help you too, dear skeptical reader. We’re just going to have to turn our gaze across the other ocean. READ MORE