Podcast 224: You could win one million dollars!

March 20, 2012

We get back to business as usual in the new episode, talking Journey, Street Fighter X Tekken, MLB 2k12 and MLB 12: The Show and more! We also discuss our favorite game endings, as well as some that make us mad. Plus: you could win a million dollars! We’re not giving that away or anything, but listening to this episode doesn’t make you ineligible for that kind of thing as far as we know.


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Hosts: Jeff DeSolla, Gerry Pagan, Andrew Passafiume, Grant Potter, Graham Russell, Shawn Vermette.
Music: Podcast theme by Tom Casper.

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Chris Ingersoll March 20, 2012 at 10:40 pm

Most of the games I play have decent endings. One of the benefits of preferring RPGs to platformers and shooters, I guess, although clearly not every RPG ends memorably. FF6′s rundown of the entire cast (including the extra scenes if you got Gogo and/or Umaro), Chrono Trigger’s main ending (and all of its alternate endings), most Zeldas (RIGHT IN THE HEAD!), the twist at the end of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories… I could go on.

I think special mention has to go to the Layton series; not because the endings are good by any means, but more because they are some of the most insane, impossible pieces of “where the HELL did you get that from?!” ever.

Also: does it count as a good ending if I’m willing to pay $70 to import an out-of-print CD to own the song played during it? Because if so, then Sakura Wars: So Long, My love definitely qualifies. That might just be me, though…