Speculator: E3 2015 predictions lightning round!

June 12, 2015


It’s E3 time, and we’re reviving the Speculator for a special prediction competition! The Snackbar staff weighs in on the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo events at this year’s E3. Who will win? As a handy guide, we’ve marked our highest and lowest responses. Optimistic? Check out the bolded response. (Pessimists can direct their eyes to the italics.)


Microsoft: June 15, 9:30 a.m. Pacific

A hardware revision?
Graham 45%, Andrew 60%, Henry 25%, Justin 5%, Ryan 90%, Shawn 70%, Eric 0%
It might be too soon for Microsoft. Considering people are still seeking out the current model, it doesn’t seem needed. – Eric Albuen

Graham 55%, Andrew 40%, Henry 10%, Justin 5%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 45%, Eric 10%
Every year, it seems like rumors start circulating that Microsoft will finally let Rare do what it used to do best, and every year we are disappointed. I’m not sure exactly why it is this year seems more likely that we’ll finally get a new Banjo-Kazooie game, whether it’s the success of Yooka-Laylee on Kickstarter or that Microsoft needs more high-profile exclusives, but I can’t quite rule it out this time. – Shawn Vermette

A new Gears of War?
Graham 95%, Andrew 90%, Henry 75%, Justin 75%, Ryan 100%, Shawn 80%, Eric 25%
Gears of War has been one of my favorite franchises of the past generation, but after the mediocre Judgment, I’m struggling to think of where the series could go next. A new game is coming, and I have a feeling we’ll see it at this year’s E3, even in the form of a short teaser trailer. Maybe it’ll even be enough to get us excited about the franchise once again. – Andrew Passafiume


Graham 30%, Andrew 80%, Henry 35%, Justin 10%, Ryan 80%, Shawn 20%, Eric 5%
Even though the company has been utilizing the franchise’s characters recently (in Kinect Sports Rivals and Shovel Knight), Microsoft might just be trying to get our hopes up for no reason. – Eric Albuen

A non-Legends Fable title?
Graham 1%, Andrew 25%, Henry 50%, Justin 50%, Ryan 20%, Shawn 60%, Eric 20%
Yeah, it’s a long shot to think a true Fable is in the works. Legends may not be the same thing, but the distinction isn’t made on Microsoft’s balance sheets, and the third game was about as rough as it needed to be to send the franchise into the “exploit it for random tech features” territory in which it currently resides. – Graham Russell

Anything about HoloLens?
Graham 15%, Andrew 65%, Henry 50%, Justin 90%, Ryan 50%, Shawn 85%, Eric 0%
Microsoft can — and will — talk about HoloLens soon, but with Phil Spencer keeping the E3 focus on core games and HoloLens being large enough to justify its own press events, we probably won’t see it (outside of a possible cameo) at the show. – Graham Russell


Something that isn’t a game?
Graham 85%, Andrew 50%, Henry 85%, Justin 25%, Ryan 95%, Shawn 90%, Eric 90%
There’s always some kind of crazy build-up for a feature that involves connecting us with social media, or some hardware feature that I can’t get excited about. It’s always there. It just is. – Henry Skey


Joe Montana?
Graham 15%, Andrew 10%, Henry 50%, Justin 5%, Ryan 15%, Shawn 15%, Eric 0%

Cliff Bleszinski?
Graham 5%, Andrew 5%, Henry 25%, Justin 25%, Ryan 5%, Shawn 25%, Eric 10%

Casey Hudson?
Graham 25%, Andrew 65%, Henry 30%, Justin 90%, Ryan 50%, Shawn 80%, Eric 20%

Hideo Kojima?
Graham 75%, Andrew 5%, Henry 5%, Justin 0%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 10%, Eric 5%


Sony: June 15, 6 p.m. Pacific

Morpheus release window?
Graham 40%, Andrew 90%, Henry 5%, Justin 10%, Ryan 90%, Shawn 65%, Eric 20%
It could happen at E3. It is time to announce dates for ridiculously ambitious projects and then suddenly mention nothing of the sort. (You know, business as usual.) – Eric Albuen

The Last Guardian?
Graham 15%, Andrew 50%, Henry 1%, Justin 5%, Ryan 5%, Shawn 75%, Eric 5%
This is up there with my most anticipated releases… still… even though it doesn’t exist… or does it? I’m not holding my breath here, but if there’s a trailer, there’s a good chance I’ll be breathless anyway. – Henry Skey

Sly Cooper?
Graham 5%, Andrew 20%, Henry 50%, Justin 5%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 35%, Eric 75%
Sly 4 ended on a cliffhanger. I want to know what happens next, and I need more games that let me play as a raccoon, a hippo and a disabled turtle in my life. – Justin Last


A new Quantic Dream project?
Graham 40%, Andrew 70%, Henry 70%, Justin 5%, Ryan 90%, Shawn 60%, Eric 65%
The time is now. While Beyond may not have set the world on fire, I’m dying to see what Quantic Dream has up its sleeves next, and I have a suspicion we’ll see at least a brief tease of its next big project. – Andrew Passafiume

A new Guerrilla Games project?
Graham 65%, Andrew 95%, Henry 30%, Justin 10%, Ryan 80%, Shawn 65%, Eric 20%
Guerrilla Games has been working on something that isn’t Killzone; we know that. And it’s been hard at work since Shadow Fall dropped at the PS4 launch. Whatever the game is, it should be ready to show. – Graham Russell

A new Media Molecule project?
Graham 55%, Andrew 90%, Henry 50%, Justin 25%, Ryan 90%, Shawn 80%, Eric 80%
I can see it happening alongside its current Tearaway project. While both games it’s known for are well-received and well-known, adding a third series wouldn’t hurt either. – Eric Albuen


Any first-party release for the Vita?
Graham 30%, Andrew 15%, Henry 10%, Justin 75%, Ryan 0%, Shawn 90%, Eric 80%
I’m probably crazy for thinking Sony will put any first-party support behind the Vita, but it’s such a great piece of tech and I will sink my Speculator ship on the dream that Sony will bring out the guns for it. – Shawn Vermette
While I would love something new for the system, I don’t think it will be coming from Sony directly. – Ryan Dunn


Dylan Cuthbert?
Graham 45%, Andrew 40%, Henry 60%, Justin 5%, Ryan 15%, Shawn 10%, Eric 25%

Jenova Chen?
Graham 5%, Andrew 60%, Henry 25%, Justin 10%, Ryan 15%, Shawn 20%, Eric 20%

David Perry?
Graham 5%, Andrew 20%, Henry 10%, Justin 10%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 10%, Eric 0%

Hideo Kojima?
Graham 5%, Andrew 5%, Henry 10%, Justin 0%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 10%, Eric 10%


Nintendo: June 16, 9 a.m. Pacific

A new Metroid?
Graham 40%, Andrew 65%, Henry 5%, Justin 35%, Ryan 40%, Shawn 40%, Eric 70%
I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about this one. I don’t know what form a new Metroid will take or which team will even be developing it, but I have a feeling we’ll hear about the return of Samus Aran at this year’s E3. – Andrew Passafiume

A new F-Zero?
Graham 15%, Andrew 15%, Henry 1%, Justin 15%, Ryan 60%, Shawn 5%, Eric 5%
Either I’m going to be correct on this prediction, or I’ll be happily wrong. I win either way. – Henry Skey

A new Paper Mario?
Graham 25%, Andrew 70%, Henry 60%, Justin 80%, Ryan 55%, Shawn 40%, Eric 5%
Before Sticker Star came out, I would have said that not only was it a near-certainty we would get a new Paper Mario reveal on the Wii U in a few years, but that I would be buying it on day one. Now I’m not sure about either. – Shawn Vermette


A Wii U Pokemon title?
Graham 15%, Andrew 55%, Henry 0%, Justin 35%, Ryan 15%, Shawn 75%, Eric 60%
Unless it’s some port of an existing Pokemon game or some “connectivity” usable with the 3DS versions, I don’t see this happening. – Henry Skey

Something about its “quality of life” project?
Graham 12%, Andrew 5%, Henry 50%, Justin 20%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 85%, Eric 10%
I don’t think it’ll be too long before we hear more about Nintendo’s QoL efforts, but E3 doesn’t seem like the right venue. Its Nintendo Direct format means it can announce anything anytime and grab attention when it does, and E3’s more about the traditional games side of things. (It’s also why we won’t hear about its mobile titles.) – Graham Russell

Newly-created Nintendo IP?
Graham 65%, Andrew 45%, Henry 40%, Justin 5%, Ryan 3%, Shawn 80%, Eric 80%
Nintendo is notoriously slow at releasing new IP, and with the recent launch (and success) of Splatoon, I think it will be back to the sequel train this year.  The Wii U install base is just too small for Nintendo to be continually risking new IP on it, and I see it saving announcements for the future and the NX. – Ryan Dunn


More Mario Kart DLC?
Graham 25%, Andrew 60%, Henry 75%, Justin 5%, Ryan 85%, Shawn 95%, Eric 95%
While the increasing number of old tracks returning might kill the odds of another new MK game, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep one of their top sellers alive. Maybe a track or two suited for the challenge of the new 200cc mode? – Eric Albuen


Satoru Iwata?
Graham 99%, Andrew 90%, Henry 80%, Justin 75%, Ryan 90%, Shawn 35%, Eric 70%

Graham 35%, Andrew 50%, Henry 20%, Justin 5%, Ryan 60%, Shawn 10%, Eric 5%

Hideo Kojima?
Graham 0%, Andrew 5%, Henry 1%, Justin 0%, Ryan 10%, Shawn 0%, Eric 5%