In this installment, we out-maneuver our friends in Hero Academy, out-maneuver the AI in Time of Heroes and out-plumb the destructive tendencies of alligators in Where’s My Water.

Hero Academy: Some of the best iOS experiences come when traditional game developers turn their attention to the platform. Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die!, tried their hand at mobile development with Hero Academy, a freemium small-board strategy game that pits you against your friends. READ MORE

This week, we’re looking at the planning in advance of RoboHero, the physics-heavy slicing of Catch the Princess and the gravity-defying Inertia: Escape Velocity.

RoboHero: This new release from Bravado Waffle Studios has drawn many comparisons to modern unplugged classic RoboRally. This is warranted, as both have players queueing up incremental movement and turns before watching the orders followed in an ever-changing environment. This iOS title, though, turns the formula in an action-focused direction, and offers a very different experience. READ MORE

This week, we’re taking over all of the places in both LandGrabbers and Tiny Token Empires.

Tiny Token Empires (iPad): The latest in a streak of Risk-style games with different battle systems, Tiny Token Empires goes with a Match-3 mechanic for determining the victor. You recruit units, each with a color alignment, and matching that color readies them for attack.


This week, we’re rockin’ the turntables in Skillz and rollin’ the ball in Katamari Amore.

Skillz: The DJ Game (iPad): While the plastic-instrument game market has crashed and burned, iOS games have been more than happy to take up the rhythm mantle. Skillz, developed by Playpen Studios, is a game designed for those who loved DJ Hero but want something new. And this sucker’s not easy. We’re talking six buttons to hit, a slider to push and pull and two turntables to scratch. READ MORE

This week, we’re looking at an update of the classic Another World and an adaptation of the unplugged game Ubongo.

Another World (Universal): The iOS platform has become a haven for point-and-click games. There have been updates of ’90s classics, new versions of Telltale’s games and even originals like Swords & Sworcery. It’s also been a nice place to see platformers, from Sonic ports to originals like Rolando. Another World, also known as Out Of This World, always felt like a merger of the two genres, with platforming elements and the urge to explore your surroundings to figure out what to do. It’s atmospheric. It’s stylish. And we haven’t seen much like it since. READ MORE