There has been a bit of a renaissance in American animation lately: shows are being aired that take more chances and explore more complex themes and characters. As with every new generation of talent, these shows are being made by people who seek to fix a lot of the problems they saw in their shows growing up, both in the shows themselves and the things surrounding them. READ MORE


I’ve never played a Hitman game before, but board games and I get along famously. There are rules that make sense, and I can survey the environment from above to make a calculated move. With a turn-based formula that borrows more from board games than its console big brothers, Hitman Go works exceptionally well on mobile devices. READ MORE

The delightfully wacky premise, exemplary and addictive arcade gameplay and an overarching sense of style that make Crazy Taxi a crazy-fun game that could have only come out of the bright-burning flame that was Sega’s twilight years. To this day, you would be hard-pressed to find many game players in this generation that have yet to experience the joy of racing around San Francisco in an indestructible cab. It’s a game that leaves an imprint on players. Sega, being on a big digital distribution kick as of late, has re-released Crazy Taxi on iOS and Android. Given roughly a decade of perspective, how does the new port hold up to the original? READ MORE

There’s been such an influx of new music games on iOS that it’s easy to overlook when a great one is slapping you right in the face. Before I played Tone Sphere, I had thought this would be something like Pulse or Groove Coaster with fancy graphics, but I was colored surprised. I soon discovered the gameplay felt familiar (which isn’t a bad thing), and those graphics weren’t only for show.

In short, if you love music games, you shouldn’t be passing this game up. READ MORE

In this installment, we out-maneuver our friends in Hero Academy, out-maneuver the AI in Time of Heroes and out-plumb the destructive tendencies of alligators in Where’s My Water.

Hero Academy: Some of the best iOS experiences come when traditional game developers turn their attention to the platform. Robot Entertainment, creators of Orcs Must Die!, tried their hand at mobile development with Hero Academy, a freemium small-board strategy game that pits you against your friends. READ MORE