E3 2012: A look at Nintendo’s Wii U hardware and UI

June 3, 2012

Nintendo held one of its Nintendo Direct presentations Sunday evening, giving us a look at the Wii U final hardware and menu functions before its main event on Tuesday. We have a redesigned tablet controller, now called the Wii U GamePad, as well as a pro controller, an in-game social network called Miiverse and more. Check out some photos and specifics after the break, or watch the full video above.

The Wii U GamePad now has full control sticks instead of 3DS-style slide pads, and it definitely looks sider than the prototype version. It can function as a TV remote control as well, and the video indicated it would be available in white and black, suggesting the console will as well.


Used for “multiplatform, traditional games,” the Wii U Pro Controller has all the buttons of the GamePad without the screen and in a form factor similar to the Xbox 360’s stock pad.


Nintendo’s new system incorporates a social network, Miiverse, allowing for players to talk about specific games and topics while in-game, draw pictures using the touch-screen controller and video chat with friends. Miiverse will be the system’s default screen, viewable on either display, and will have at least some functions be accessible via 3DS and phones, though not at launch.

Also, there was that promotional video, and we’re going to leave commentary on that to game forums, where it will likely live in infamy for years to come.