E3 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 includes two-player simultaneous okay throughout the full suite of levels, we learned during Wednesday night’s Nintendo 3DS event. The game, out August 19, also has that focus on coins talked about earlier this week. READ MORE

Tuesday’s Nintendo briefing brought us more on the Wii U: specifically, the game’s launch lineup (headlined by Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U), release window (“holiday”) and multi-GamePad support (though just two).  Pikmin 3 features a new type of Pikmin, four leaders to split your units between and different gameplay modes.  READ MORE

Sony started things off with a bang, introducing Beyond, the next title from Quantic Dream. Ellen Page will play the main character, Jody Holmes, while we experience 15 years of her life in Quantic Dream’s trademark cinematic style. Check the video above for more. READ MORE

Ubisoft’s E3 briefing Monday was, at turns, very awkward, painful, animal-unfriendly and quite possibly the best one thus far. They showed nine games today, starting with Just Dance 4, the next entry in the popular series. It appears to be more of the same, this time with more Flo Rida. READ MORE

EA showed off ten games at its E3 briefing Monday, including Dead Space 3 (above), the latest in the survival-horror series slated for February 2013. The game’s new co-op mode allows for drop-in-drop-out online play. READ MORE