E3 2012

Halo 4 was a clear showpiece of Microsoft’s Monday afternoon press briefing, with a gameplay demo showing off new enemies and the story exposition. Check the video above for more. READ MORE

If you like offbeat games, it doesn’t matter what you call offbeat: Atlus has you covered with its just-announced titles. If you want to do first-person punching, there’s Zeno Clash II (above). ACE Team’s game, releasing on XBLA, PSN and PC early next year, features a new adventure and online co-op. Check out the other two announcements, Code of Princess and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, after the break. READ MORE

Nintendo held one of its Nintendo Direct presentations Sunday evening, giving us a look at the Wii U final hardware and menu functions before its main event on Tuesday. We have a redesigned tablet controller, now called the Wii U GamePad, as well as a pro controller, an in-game social network called Miiverse and more. Check out some photos and specifics after the break, or watch the full video above. READ MORE

We’re here from the future! Wait, that’s not right. We were here from the present? Hold on, let me try one more time. Okay, we’re here from… the not-too-distant past… to talk to you in the present… about things that may happen in the future. Which could also be the present or the past if you’re listening to this episode later. Whatever, man. We’re talking about E3 and stuff. Maybe give it a listen?


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Ready for this year’s E3? We’re here to help, with a look at the Big Three.

What we know: We’ll see more about the Wii U! But not the price, and not the date. Hrm. It has Pikmin 3, a New Super Mario Bros. game and some Wii Play-style minigames. For the 3DS, we know we’re getting New Super Mario Bros. 2, so we’ll see that as well, but they’re launching a new console, and that’s what we’ll see most. Oh, and there will be a weird segment where someone still talks about the DS, since there’s that pair of Pokemon games on the way. READ MORE