Pre-E3 2012: What should you expect from Nintendo?

June 2, 2012

Ready for this year’s E3? We’re here to help, with a look at the Big Three.

What we know: We’ll see more about the Wii U! But not the price, and not the date. Hrm. It has Pikmin 3, a New Super Mario Bros. game and some Wii Play-style minigames. For the 3DS, we know we’re getting New Super Mario Bros. 2, so we’ll see that as well, but they’re launching a new console, and that’s what we’ll see most. Oh, and there will be a weird segment where someone still talks about the DS, since there’s that pair of Pokemon games on the way.

What we think we know: Retro Studios has been working on something since DKC Returns, so it’s due for an announcement, though with the company’s detour to help finish Mario Kart 7, it may not see a release this year. With registered domains, we’ll probably see a localization announcement for Fire Emblem: Awakening. We’ll get locked-down information for Luigi’s Mansion 2 and other 3DS projects, but besides New SMB 2, it’ll probably be a take-a-breath year for the 3DS.

What we want to know: Will the Wii U support multiple tablet controllers? (It better.) Can we get Paper Mario anytime soon? Also, even though they said they won’t say it, we really do need to know release windows and price estimates for this thing if we’re going to buy one. We won’t hear about the new Smash Bros., since Sora’s only been working for a few months, but there’s bound to be another franchise revival we’ll be excited for.

We’ll know for sure next week as the show begins! What do you want to happen?