Preview: Team up in Kid Icarus multiplayer

June 20, 2011

We’ve gotten a look at Kid Icarus before, but E3 was the debut of the game’s multiplayer mode. While the campaign is solely a single-player affair, this team-based competition implements the myriad weapon options for an experience that could keep the card close to the system once the game’s beaten.

Here’s how it works: players are divided into two teams, Light and Dark, and given a choice of weapons. As with the campaign, there are close-range options, multi-fire ones and really anything that could be conceived that still functions as a stylus-based projectile. Things start out as a deathmatch, but it’s mostly just a warm-up, since the first player on each team to die twice becomes the angel. They’re the VIP that the other members must protect, because once they go down, the team loses.

It’s an interesting dynamic: it’s to your advantage to strike quickly and make your opponent’s angel appear first, since that gets you closer to victory. Also, though, you may want to employ team tactics to be in a cohesive defensive formation for when your own appears. Do you ask your angel to stay back on one side of the map? That seems like a good idea, but would it be better to have them at a forward position so teammates can be aggressive without leaving them unguarded?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell whether Kid Icarus multiplayer will have any staying power from our limited time with it. It seems like it has potential for fun, lighthearted matches with friends, though.