Preview: The tactile Tearaway is the Vita’s new hope

July 4, 2013


Tearaway is a game almost solely devoted to its feel. It’s an inherently tactile experience, driven by its desire to simultaneously justify the Vita’s features and make you drawn into the experience as much as possible.

What it is: A departure for LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule, Tearaway is more of a straightforward platforming adventure than a toolset. The Vita title stars Iota and Atoi as they venture through papercraft worlds.

Why we’re excited: Bouncing by tapping the rear touch pad is surprisingly fun, as is using it to push through surfaces and take out obstacles and enemies. More than that, though, the construction paper parts are the most interesting. In one segment we played, you’re tasked with cutting out a crown for one of the world’s residents. When you do, he puts it on his head and wears it around; it becomes a part of the world.

Also, well, there’s frankly not very much releasing for the Vita, and Media Molecule has shown a creative aptitude most can’t equal. We’re optimistic that the full experience will reflect that.

What we’re wondering: A few of the touch mechanics are a bit less successful. Opening things by sliding halves apart on the screen? It’s tactile, sure, but whenever it needs to happen when actual gameplay is happening, it’s not particularly precise. Also, it’s a bit silly when your own face is shown in the sky. Hey, remember that the Vita has a camera? Well it does. It’s… unnecessary.


Vita exclusive Tearaway is slated for an October 22 release.