A DS Player?

December 20, 2005

I was an incredibly late adopter of the Nintendo handheld systems. I had an original GameBoy as a kid, but it wasn’t until the NES special edition SP came out that I sprung for one. I was just always worried that I wouldn’t spend much time playing handheld games so I made sure to get a GBA Player for my Cube. The same worry struck when I got my DS, but due to the nature of the DS it isn’t really possible to have a DS player. The touch screen concept just flat out can’t work with a TV, or can it?

With the unveiling of the Revolutions highly unique controller come an endless number of ideas that make the Revolution a definite player in the next gen console race. While talking about how cool a DS Player would be with a friend I came to the conclusion that the Rev controller just may lend itself to this idea. The motion tracking concept that is supposed to be present in that device just may create the touch screen on a TV concept that would make a DS Player a reality. I seriously doubt this is something that Nintendo is even considering at this point, but it would make for an awesome idea.

I suppose there are a ton of logistical problems associated with this idea, but it could definitely work.