E3 2004 Preview

May 10, 2004

E3 is in fact the biggest event of the year in the gaming industry. Everyone saves the big announcements and the juiciest details for E3. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to make the proper arrangements to attend E3 this year, but we do have someone going that is going to be getting us all the wonderful information you can possibly devour on all the games that you have been waiting for.

After reading a recent edition of Night Call from Gone Gold, Bill Harris discussed that he wasn’t attending E3 since it was basically going to be a show of all the games we saw last year that still hadn’t hit store shelves. That kind of got me down until I started reading the list of games we were going to see that were going to be new.

Obviously I am waiting like the rest of the gaming world to see some in game footage of Halo 2 and Fable. In addition, we get to see more info about the wonderful platformers Jak 3, RC 3, and Sly 2. Kingdom Hearts 2, Gradius V, and then you the PSP, Nintendo DS, and any next generation console info and I am sure this E3 will shape up to be as good as ever.

Even before the show has opened, we have had a flood of information and announcements start to come from everywhere. We will keep you up to date with all the latest info as Sniperseye is on the floor of E3. He will be equipped with a still and video camera and will be shooting us all the information he can each day, so look for the daily E3 updates coming straight from LA.

If you are interested in catching live video of E3, the E3 Insider site will have a live video feed online from the floor of the show. The FanCam should be online sometime today and will give everyone a glimpse into the biggest expo of the year.