Enter the Cone

December 23, 2002

So the site has been online for the better part of a month now and I am finally getting around to formally introducing myself. I am more often than not referred to as the guy who likes everything. This can be a tad misleading to some of you new visitors. They are really referring to all things gaming….which is not the total truth either. Yes, I will admit that I generally have to find some major flaw in the game play or some inconsistent technical detail in the game before I dislike it. This is not the case for ALL games though. As alone on this as I may be, I do not like the Final Fantasy games or the Grand Theft Auto games. Lets first talk FF. I don’t do the turn based thing. I know, I know. D&D was turn based blah blah blah…. If I wanted to play a turn based game, then I would buy a board game. This is a high end gaming console and I want things to be real time. As for GTA3, I don’t need to do the same damned thing over and over and over again. That type of game gets old.

Still think I like everything? I didn’t think so. As for games that I do like… I expect to get the following games for Christmas so I haven’t been able to buy them yet: Nightfire, MechAssault, Splinter Cell, MOHAA (Finally), and No One Lives Forever 2. A