Halo Once and For All

December 30, 2002

OK so you might have already heard that I am an obsessed Xbox fan.
Let me give you a bit of history about video games and me. I owned
an Atari when I was 5 and as I grew older got a Nintendo. I was
isolated for a bit when the super Nintendo was released, then I
decided to try a Sega genesis. I loved Sonic the Hedgehog. As I
got older things got in the way from the blissful enjoyment of playing
video games. I went to college and got myself a Mac. Many of you
reading this may be avid PC users. As for me, I do a lot of video
editing and I believe that Macs are preferable to my likings in
that realm. I don’t discriminate because I use a PC at work to edit
videos as well. So then I purchased a few computer games to satisfy
my appetite for the time being. Buying StarCraft was one of the
greatest investments I have ever made. When that wasn’t enough I
bought a PS2. PS2’s are great systems that have great games.

At first I thought Xbox was the biggest joke to the gaming world.
Boy was I wrong! The first time I played Halo at the Snackbar crews’
pad I was in love. We had thrown a nice small party prior to playing
Halo, so needless to say we were wasted. Well I was anyway. We played
till 5:30 am in the morning. I wanted to continue to play but my
other counterparts were too tired. Needless to say I was hooked
from there on. From there on it was my goal to get an Xbox, but
since times were difficult it was very hard to come by the cash
for one. So one day I met this girl who was kind and gracious enough
to buy me an Xbox. The very first game I bought was Halo. Let me
tell you a little something about Halo. First off its first person
shooter, second Master Chief rules! Halo does not get old even if
you play it every day and night until you die. It’s impossible for
anyone to get fed up with Halo. The graphics are stupendous; the
game play is unforgettable and Master Chief rules! I mean what else
do you need other than Master Chief fragging mad Covenant scum and
flugs. My life would almost be complete if Halo was on Live. I mean
when I am playing Unreal, Ghost Recon or Mech Assault people on
Live are always wishing Halo were on it into their headsets. The
multiplayer on Halo is just a dominating game, especially when you
hook more than one Xbox together. I have played with more than on
Xbox and it is the greatest thing ever. What more can you have than
whooping ass all over the screen while yelling obscene comments
and hearing your opponent curse you in frustration and anger.

Now your probably asking yourself, what does anything that you
are saying have to with Halo 2. Everything! After seeing the Halo
2 trailer I about messed my pants in all the ways you can think
of. I am a huge movie buff…. movies are my thing. I love movies

to death. When I saw the Halo 2 trailer I almost keeled over in
shock and awe. Seeing Master Chief dive into space onto another
covenant starship. I mean Damn! That was one of the best trailers
I have ever seen in my whole entire existence. I was left in AWE!
If Halo 2 is going to be 100 times better than Halo 1, then people
your going to see Vice City’s sales record be broken within seconds.
I have heard rumors of Halo 2 having a lot more advanced weaponry,
a lot more freedom of movements, and a lot more action when it comes
to killing Covenant scum. I’m ready to blow this pop stand, lets
go, freaking bring it on! Unfortunately, Microsoft and Bungie love
to torture people to death with impatience and anticipation. We
all must wait until 2003.