Inuyasha and One Piece: Grand Battle

September 19, 2005

[floatleft][/floatleft]I recently had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with Bandai to talk about two of their new games, [i]Inuyasha: Feudal Combat[/i] and [i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i].

[i]Inuyasha[/i] is a PS2 exclusive that is based on the popular TV show of the same name. Bandai has taken the show and developed it into a fighting game which allows you to pair up your two favorite characters from the series and duke it out in ancient feudal Japan. The game features 12 playable characters as well as interactive environments. The game promises a truly original battle system that is sure to be a hit with fighting game enthusiasts.

In addition to the standard two-player versus mode, you can try your skills in the mission and story modes. Along the way, you will be able to develop your character’s skills and compatibility with your partner to improve your attacks.

[i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i] is also a new fighting game based on the [i]One Piece[/i] anime from Cartoon Network. [i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i] is available for PS2 and GameCube, and a GBA version coming soon. [i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i], like [i]Inuyasha[/i], makes use of awesome interactive environments that have things such as charging cows and a buzzing hornet’s nest. [i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i] sports 16 playable characters with 32 additional support characters from the show. Each character has 20 moves as well as special and ultimate attacks that inflict extra damage.

Six different gameplay modes and seven different environments are sure to give [i]One Piece: Grand Battle[/i] a very high replay value. Unlockable features such as characters, costumes, items, and mini games will also keep your experience with this one fresh.

Fighting fans should definitely keep their eyes on these titles. We should have reviews of these games online shortly after release.

We scored a few exclusive trailers for those of you that might be interested:

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