Meet Soda. Would You Like Fries With That?

December 2, 2002

I assume it’s a pretty safe bet that most of you are new here since we just launched the site. Basically I just wanted give everyone a quick introduction to me and share my thoughts on the other members of the SnackBar crew. I have been deemed the RTS guy of the group by Pickle. I guess it seems appropriate. Two of my favorite games are Starcraft and Warcraft III. Pickle is basically going to be your RPG guy. I’ve never quite got the whole Final Fantasy thing. I can’t read that much, it gives me a headache. Which brings us to Snowcone. He doesn’t really have a thing, he likes everything. No seriously, he’s the only person I know who has ever even been able to stomach Obi-Wan on the X-Box.

Currently Warcraft III is my game of choice. You can check out my stats here if you want. Actually I think the amount of games I’ve been playing lately is causing me to fail some of my classes, but dammit, I am going to be ranked before the end of the year.

Pretty much the only other game I ever play is Madden. I remember when Madden first came into my life. I believe it was Madden ’93. I must have taken the Packers to the Super Bowl fifty times with the Favre to Sharpe connection. I think I spent my entire seventh grade year playing that game. Then Pickle stole it from me, I assume it was for the best. My unhealthy obsession with the Madden series continues today and when the franchise feature was introduced I thought it was going to destroy me. If it wasn’t for the glitch in Madden 2001 that causes the computer to name the vast majority of rookies “Cheah” then I would probably still be playing that game. Seriously, it got really annoying having Pickle throw in his play by play; “Cletus Cheah this, Cletus Cheah that.” It amazes me that in the ten years I’ve been playing the Madden series the game really hasn’t changed that much. Yet every year I’m back at it with the latest version. Replay ability is a good way to score major points in my book. And don’t even get me started on the NCAA Football series. Pickle and I have actually started fights before because we run up the score so high with the Nebraska option.

I’m trying to think of what else may be relevant for you people to know about me. I lost a job once due to a brief Counter-Strike addiction. Once I spent an hour trying to convince Snowcone to purchase a blow-torch at Lowe’s.

Any feedback you guys might have is greatly appreciated. I hope our modest little site here is entertaining enough for you to come back too and tell your friends about. Email me if you want to know anything else.

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