Pickle, Welcome to My Article

December 3, 2002

Greetings, salutations and all that jazz. I’m the Pic, and what you don’t know is that I am the whole reason that you are here. I understand we have two other reviewers on the site but they lack that substance….the substance known as savor, or the spice of life that is the Latin Blood that coerces through this finely chiseled body. Or you and me might like the same games or some shit like that.

I guess I’m the RPG guy, and I do admit that I am quite taken by games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Suikoden and what not. I usually invest hours upon hours of my life in front of my television with such games. However I also share an affinity towards sports games as well. Like Soda, I love the Madden series as the first time I played it I yanked it from Soda in the seventh grade, only to give it back to him on the last day of school. That son of a bitch has followed me around ever since!

We started this site because like many of you we are gamers. True fan boys, and if you’re still reading then you are more than likely one also. With future reviews on the way, I suppose you need a way to judge if we like the same games, so that if I like a game you more than likely will also, and if I hate it then you might just go and buy it cause you think my opinions are full of shit.

Like I stated before I am the RPG guy, you can rest assured I that will try them out, and if not taken right away it’s back to the store for a trade in. I’m not much of a platformer, but I do like Super Mario Sunshine, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, both excellent games. Like many of you I am more a console gamer. Although Warcraft 3, Ghost Recon, Battlefield, and Neverwinter Nights made me by buy a hard ass video card. Halo rocks, don’t even ask us about the epic battles online (via gamespy’s shitty ass multiplayer setup) that Cone, Soda and I have had. Lets put it this way; I hate games that suck, although Star Wars rocks, their games suck ass, period! I am not nor will I ever get into Evercrack, nor will partake in that SIMS shit……hmmm lets see what else. Oh yea Resident Evil always gets me, I buy another one and remember why I hated the last one so much, its this damn cycle…don’t know why.

Thanks for stopping by and I will try to review as many games as I can, but I will also hit up some movies, DVDs, Simpson’s stuff, you name it. So holler at me sometime, Late.

The Pic

Don’t hate the cube! It is our friend.