Sniper: The T.O. Syndrome

August 24, 2005

Maybe comparing snipers to Terrell Owens is a bit farfetched, but calling them selfish is not. I knew that when [i]Battlefield 2[/i] introduced stat tracking, you would see gamesmanship go out the window like litter on the freeway. I knew that you would have point farmers (which I have seen) and people looking out for number one. People looking out for number one is not entirely new, but now that you get awards for it makes everything just a whole lot worse. This article however is about the sniper. Allow me to explain.

The sniper is not just the person who picks the sniper class and hides about. The sniper is a “look-out-for-me-only” type of cat. You know, the one that will join your squad and then just perch the whole game. The sniper has been around since online FPS has been out, and you just learn to deal with him on the field of play. Even I have come to just accept the fact that people love racking up kills (one-shot kills, mind you) and perching somewhere. They do not feel the need to help capture flags or put a rush on the opposition. They care about one thing: kills. I do understand the mentalityA