Soda Fizz – Volume II

March 24, 2003

Since I got my Xbox pretty much every waking hour has been spent
playing Halo online. For those of you who don’t know, yes
you can play Halo online. Just go to GameSpy and download the arcade
software. I was surprised at how many people I met who played Halo
but had no knowledge of this. I am a capture the flag freak and
I usually don’t play anything other than that. My roommate
and two other guys from down the hall have been playing Halo with
me, almost religiously.

Once we started playing we learned very quickly that we’re
not very good. Quite frankly, we suck. Everyone on GameSpy for some
reason feels the need to tell us that we suck, as if you whipping
our ass didn’t clue us into this earlier. The worst part about
having all this shit talked towards us is that I know that it’s
just a bunch of twelve year old punks who don’t do anything
but sit around and play this game all the damn time. I swear to
god, next time I see a twelve year old I’m gonna kick his
ass just out of hatred for all you Halo shit talker’s.

After about eight straight hours playing on Saturday we were exhausted.
It was close to four in the morning and we had run into every spawn
camper, sniper bitch and rocket whore known to man that day. At
one point I got so frustrated that I threw a book at my desk and
broke one of the little legs off of my keyboard. After dropping
every explicative known to man on these little shits that kept kicking
our ass I was pretty much ready to give up.

It was at this point that my roommate, FemiNazi, came up with
the idea to just start messing with people. The original idea was
for us four to get into a capture the flag game and just go hide
from them in the mountains and never shoot at them for the entire
game and make the other team wonder what the hell was going on.
Unfortunately it was four am by this point and we couldn’t
find anyone playing CTF.

Just about when we were about to give up I found a game called