Cut the Rope

October 24, 2010

Since the day I caved and finally admitted that the iPhone was actually a real gaming platform, very few games have managed to capture my undivided attention. Cut the Rope is a puzzle game developed by the folks at ZeptoLab that has joined that very short list.

Cut the Rope is an ingenious game based on the idea that a mysterious package arrived with a strange creature inside named Om Nom. The only thing Om Nom wants is candy and it’s your job to get it to him.

Each level in Cut the Rope is a new puzzle where you must figure out how to deliver the candy to Om Nom. Feeding Om Nom is not your only goal, though, as you’ll also be trying to collect the 3 golden stars present in each level, some of which don’t stick around for long. Along the way you’ll encounter spiders trying to feast on the candy and even obstacles that break the candy to bits.

Much like some of the top games on the App Store, Cut the Rope features a deceptively simple concept that scales very well. Levels are short but fun, which allows for very short gaming sessions or long marathons. I found Cut the Rope to be quite easy, even on later levels, but that didn’t diminish the experience at all.

Cut the Rope currently features 100 levels broken up in to 4 stages, but a placeholder 5th stage promises additional levels are coming soon. Currently sitting at the top of the App Store, this isn’t one you will want to miss. Spend the $.99 and thank me later.

Score: 5/5

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