Naughty Bear

November 8, 2010

Naughty Bear is the story of a bear out for revenge. After being left out while the other bears had a party, Naughty Bear decided it was time for revenge. Never again will you envision a teddy bear as just a cute and cuddly children’s toy.

Naughty Bear has 2 game modes, story and challenge. Story mode has 27 levels each featuring a different goal needed to pass the level. The goal varies from a target number of Naughty Points, Cupcakes, or total bear kills. Challenge mode features the same 27 levels only it’s a race against the clock to rack up as many Naughty Points as possible.

Through the levels you’ll be introduced to a variety of enemies from standard bears all the way up to ninja bears. Each type has its own special traits that make them more and more difficult to kill. Each level is littered with objects including cupcakes, weapons, and sabotage stations. Cupcakes are worth Naughty Points so you’ll want to collect those while avoiding other bears until you come across a weapon since you can’t kill a bear unless you have a weapon equipped. Weapons are time limited and the screen will flash red when your weapon is about to disappear. Sabotage stations are various places like bbq grills or campfires that you can “set-up” that will attract bears while you hide in the bushes nearby. While a bear is distracted by the trap you’ve set, you can jump out and attack them from behind. Every kill triggers mini-cut scene that shows exactly how you are taking out the enemy. Kills also give you a point multiplier, which can be stacked with several rapid kills in a short time.

Naughty Bear is quite an entertaining title once you get over the shock that you are using children’s stuffed animals in an ultra-violent game. This isn’t surprising given the fact that it borrows a formula from one of gaming’s most recognizable titles, Pac-Man. At $2.99, Naughty Bear may be one of the higher priced titles that I’ve checked out, but it’s a very well made game that will keep you challenged as you work your way through all of the levels.

Score: 4/5

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