.hack//G.U. Vol 2.//Reminisce

May 25, 2007

The second installment of the second .hack series is as convoluted and awkward as the game’s title. The anime-based single-player MMO-like RPG is an acquired taste, to be sure, but for those who like the unique genre, G.U. is a solid effort.

Fans of the series will be content, as Reminisce brings a new set of quests and items, and everything about the first game remains consistent. This game is not really a title on its own, though. Rather, it’s a 30-hour extension to the original quest. Players can import their characters from the first game, and presumably the same will be true for the third installment.

Anyone new to the series should start with the first game, as Reminisce provides no help for beginners. Namco Bandai assumed players knew the game, as well as the storyline. The first level begins in the middle of a storyline, and there’s no help with battle, bike controls or finding save points and needed Chim Spheres.

The MMO-like flavor of the game is interesting and well-done. The title sports A

Score: 2/5

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