Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

July 6, 2007

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is the obligatory PSP port of the series, which has hit most consoles at least twice since its debut in 2003. At this point, most people know what to expect: a standard World War II-based military shooter with a dark, dismal look and solid gameplay. This version is no exception.

The game’s three campaigns allow players to fight with the Americans, Canadians and British, though there isn’t really a story. The control scheme on the PSP is adequate considering the lack of an extra analog stick, with the implementation of an auto-aim function. At times this makes the game too easy, while at others it’s extremely buggy – it’s literally hit-or-miss. To compensate for this simpler control scheme, Activision and Amaze Entertainment have dumbed-down the A.I., though they might have taken it too far.

The game’s look is standard for the series: gray and brown. It sets the atmosphere fine, but there are times when higher contrast might help to see enemies and things more clearly. It’s a stylistic decision, but it does trade gameplay for authenticity.

The multiplayer is fun, though there’s no online play. For a game like Call of Duty, this seems like a mistake. Regardless, the ad hoc modes are the standards: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill are here, and they’re decent. There’s nothing that sets this apart from other games, though.

It seems like Roads to Victory was an afterthought of sorts. The story, voice acting and campaigns just aren’t captivating or exciting. It’s solid, but there’s no real selling point here. Ultimately, the game’s 14-mission main campaign is just too short to pay full price for, but it wouldn’t be a bad pickup when available on the cheap.

Score: 3/5

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