Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku

June 5, 2007

Don’t worry if you don’t know who Carol Vorderman is; it just means you’re not British. A game show host and former MENSA member, Vorderman is a star in the UK, where publisher Empire Interactive is based. Despite the fact that they neglected to explain her identity to the rest of the world, their Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku is a solid game on its own merits.

Sadly, the concept of a sudoku game on the PSP is just not as fluid as on the rival DS. Touch-screen control just works better for newspaper-style puzzle games. Considering the PSP’s limitations, though, this title comes through nicely. Selecting numbers takes a bit to get used to, but it becomes rather intuitive with practice.

Empire Interactive went to a lot of effort to create tutorial and help videos for new Sudoku players, and though slow and simplistic, they do the job well. However, it’s hard to imagine someone not knowing what Sudoku is and still buying a game that features it, so it’s confusing to see all of this included. However, there are some tips and tricks videos for Sudoku veterans. The video looks fine, and can be somewhat useful, but it could have been simpler and faster. All signs point to Empire wanting to get the most out of the money they paid Vorderman, keeping her on the screen for as long as possible.

Included in the game are puzzles separated by difficulty, a A

Score: 3/5

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