Tekken 6

December 13, 2009

To the delight of many fighting game fans, Tekken 6 was released this year on consoles. And like Tekken 5 before it, we now have a portable version of the newest fighter, with many of the same features found in the console version. And with several new key additions to the franchise, it’s easy to tell that the game will give Tekken fans plenty to do while on the go.

On a technical level, Tekken 6 is the best fighting game to hit the PSP yet. The sound design is fantastic, and the game looks absolutely stunning. Also, the loading times are reduced from the ones found in the console version, which is nice to have in a portable game. Namco Bandai clearly has set the bar high for how a fighting game should look on a handheld, and it might be a while before we see another 3D fighter as technically amazing as this one. 

The game features the largest cast of characters in the series history, including plenty of old favorites such as Heihachi and Law, and a few new additions such as Alisa and Bob. The roster is well balanced, with a character that is there for every kind of fighting game player. None of the characters feel broken, and with the right amount of time and patience, they can all be mastered.

A problem many people might have with playing a fighting game on a portable is the controls. But Tekken 6 controls wonderfully, with the PSP d-pad allowing you to perform several precise combos just as easily as you would on the console version. Those who have played the console version will be happy to know that the same exact move sets from the other versions are still present in this one. 

The modes you would expect to have in a Tekken game are here, including the arcade and story modes. Although the arcade mode is the same as it is on the console, the main “story mode” is incredibly short and feels like an incredibly downgraded version of the one found in the console game. Also, there are quite a few modes, including the Campaign Scenario mode, which are completely absent from the game. Considering Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, which was a downloadable game, had all of the features of its console brother, it’s a disappointment to know that Tekken 6 is not the same. 

But despite all of that, there is still plenty of content here to keep you busy. The arcade mode itself is still a lot of fun, and it will take a while for even the most dedicated player to go through it with all characters and try to unlock all the game has to offer. The multiplayer is also a blast, although it is a disappointment that it’s only local and there are no options to hop online and face opponents. But if you’re on the go and have a few friends to play with, you won’t have much of a problem. 

Tekken 6 is the perfect game for those itching to have their favorite 3D fighter on the go. While it does pale in comparison to the console version in a few ways, it also manages to exceed it as well. Overall, it’s a solid entry in the series and a great game to have on the go. 

Pros: Solid controls; plenty of characters to choose from; amazing presentation; fast loading times

Cons: Loses a lot of features and content from the console versions 


Score: 4/5

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