Preview: Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

September 22, 2004


With the holiday season just around the corner, many developers and designers are going back to the drawing boards. After the release of MOH: Rising Sun on consoles, EA Games was taking the MOH series into the Pacific for a complete change of scenery. With the announcement of MOH Pacific Assault I expected EA to amaze everyone with another stunning title. After viewing the in game footage of MOH PA, I was excited to play the next generation of WWII shooters.

The release of an MOH: PA demo was a complete surprise and I quickly got it downloaded. I was eager to experience the new game engine they were using for the new series, along with countless other upgrades and features they added to PA. What makes the MOH series so unique is the historical accuracy that is implemented in the game. The features that were added to PA required massive research and accuracy let me assure you. With location description, battles, weapons, and even soldier behavior, MOH: PA delivers one of the most intense shooter experiences to hit the shelves this holiday season.

[tableleft][img][/img][/tableleft][tableright]The downloadable demo is a single player mission which roughly takes about 10-20 minutes. As you’re used to fighting the Germans in the past MOH series, you’re fighting the fierce Japanese in this go around. You are a Marine soldier who has just been awakened by your sergeant to fend off a Japanese patrol on the Henderson Airfield. As soon as you awake the fighting is very intense. The days of fighting the war alone are finally over, a new feature in MOH: PA is the squad based maneuvering. The squad-based movements are very helpful in a heated battle. For example, you can give commands of covering fire, squad re-group, squad fall back, or squad advance. The beautiful part of this squad based movement is the AI of your squad work independently of each other in order to provide better teamwork. For example, if I am carrying a wounded soldier I am going to need covering fire as I move him to a safe place. So my squad will provide covering fire while strategically moving in order to protect the squad and myself.[/tableright]

The features don’t stop there. Like I said before, if you see an injured soldier you can carry them to a safe place or use your bandages to help heal them. You also don’t have to worry about searching for medical packs anymore. When you find yourself getting riddled with shots, you can call for a corpsman to patch you up. Use it wisely though; you don’t get an unlimited amount. The environments are completely interactive making the surroundings destructive. You may want to think about where to take cover as bullets will destroy or penetrate your cover. The Japanese are very relentless in their attacks; they would rather die than surrender. More often than not, you will meet face to face with bonsai attacks. As we made our way to the actual landing strip, we were met with heavy resistance keeping our pilots from taking off. Our objective was to provide cover for our pilots trying to get off the ground. I was then ordered to get on the fifty cal machine gun and take out any incoming enemy fighters. Once you start picking off Japanese Zero’s, you notice that the enemy planes begin to concentrate their fire on you instead of the planes.

The AI is amazing in this game, along with the new and improved graphics. The “Havoc Physics” enhances the environment with complex lighting, textures, and destructive surroundings. With over 25 single player missions, and 8 huge multiplayer scenarios, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is set to make a massive impact on next generation games. From Pearl Harbor to the jungles of Guadalcanal, experience World War II from the boots of a Marine Soldier fighting for victory in the Pacific. Expect Medal of Honor Pacific Assault to revolutionize WWII shooters.