Preview: NHL 2K8

August 31, 2007

NHL 2K8, 2K Sports’ newest hockey game, is coming out in two weeks and we were lucky enough to talk to some of the people involved with the develoment of the game about some of the sweeping changes headed for the NHL 2K series.

The problem that plagues many current sports game is that many of them update nothing but rosters while the gameplay is rehashed. Our time with 2K revealed huge changes in 2K8 that will push the limits of future hockey games.

New features that will be debuted in 2K8 include the ProStick, brand new SuperStar moves, and a totally redesigned Face Off system. The ProStick is a new way to control your player’s stick on offense and defense and promises to deliver an amazingly real hockey experience. The 12 SuperStar moves are unique moves that can only be used if your player meets certain requirements. Two of them are Forsberg’s one-handed reach and Nolan’s shot call from the NHL All-Star Game.

When 2K Sports set out to revamp the face-off, they brought in professional hockey player Joe Thornton, a 6’4A