November 2012

Magical Drop is the quintessential Japanese puzzle game. Only showing up in rare instances in the late ’90s in the U.S., and largely earning its following in arcades, it earns its success with its frantic pace and competitive tactics. After years of relative dormancy (even in Japan), we get a follow-up. Developed by French studio Golgoth. For the PC.


Looking for a good game for yourself or someone else this holiday season? We’ve got you covered. The 3DS keeps gaining steam, and there are even a few DS titles this year worth considering.


In addition to Dangerous Hunts 2013, where you are the prey as much as the hunter, Activision also delivered a more traditional hunting experience, Cabela’s Hunting Expeditions. Hunting Expeditions features 15 territories for you to explore and a wide array of upgradeable weapons to choose from. It’s not quite the intense experience that you see in Dangerous Hunts, but it’s a solid game all the same.


Early last year I had the pleasure of reviewing Dangerous Hunts 2011, which changed the face of the hunting genre by including an actually gun peripheral that used IR technology, like the Wii Remote, to create a point-and-shoot experience similar to many hunting arcade games. Cabela’s and Activision are back with Dangerous Hunts 2013, and they are pushing the envelope once again, something that Activision is doing more of lately. READ MORE

There is a lot going on in Mugen Souls. Where most games choose a concept, flesh it out and put it out front and center, Mugen Souls features so many different systems that new ones are still being introduced via pop-up tips in the game’s third chapter. The immediate comparison here is to another NIS title, Disgaea. READ MORE