November 2012

The Paper Mario series is one that’s taken an interesting path. The first two games were amazing RPGs, but then a pair of factors threw it in a different direction: the decreasing worldwide popularity of the genre, and the rise of the Mario & Luigi series. A franchise in exile  with Super Paper Mario, it’s settled somewhere closer to home with this latest entry.

Just not close enough.  READ MORE

Halo 4 is 343 Industries’ first chance to make their mark on the Halo franchise with a new entry in the series. The team did a pretty good job updating Combat Evolved, so expectations were high going in. Surprisingly, Halo 4 manages to surpass, and includes more pure gameplay than any previous Halo game. READ MORE

Playing Qix is like jumping out of a speeding train. The sense of impending doom, the idea that you must do it before it’s too late, the knowledge that a correct landing ought to place you away from a tree, that it can be done. That you have to.

Volfied is like jumping out of a speeding train, but this time it’s burning. And it’s a different train each time. READ MORE

Kinect games have almost always fallen victim to unwieldy controls and ill-advised design decisions dragging down a promising concept. At this point, the true successes are limited to sports and dancing, and more creative ideas are shaky at best.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth may not be the Avengers game people really wanted, but tries something different: a body-controlled combo-based fighting game. And it doesn’t completely fail. READ MORE

Simple fillers are some of the best gaming values around, and they don’t get much simpler than Stefan Dorra’s 2008 classic For Sale (published by Gryphon Games). The instructions literally take up a mere three pages, and a game can fly by in less than half an hour, but the fun had in that time can be disproportionately immense. READ MORE