Chris Rasco

The last time we saw much about the lesser Mario Brother and his upcoming sequel was at last year’s E3, when Graham got a little bit of hands-on time with the then-named Luigi’s Mansion 2. A year later, the title has received an official title and is nearly ready for release. I recently had a little bit of hands-on time with the game, and it’s got me considering finally purchasing a 3DS. READ MORE

Last October, Activision released Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, a game that combined video games and collectibles in the form of small figures that unlocked additional playable characters within the game. The frenzy created by the availability of these additional figures led to blockbuster sales, with over 30 million Skylanders figures flying off the shelves by March. As supply slowly met demand, sales naturally slowed, but Activision has something planned to return gamers to that frenzied state: Skylanders Giants.


Death. The fourth and final Horseman in a quartet of riders given dominion over the earth to deliver the last judgment of mankind. In Darksiders II, you become Death as he goes on a journey to restore balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell, while also attempting to clear the name of his brother War. READ MORE

San Antonio, Texas is not exactly the epicenter of the gaming world. It’s close to Austin, so that helps, but for some reason it was the site of this years’ GameStop Expo. This is a show tied to the company’s managers conference, where game companies provide special presentations and hands on demos for store managers and employees of the retail giant. The consumer-focused five-hour event was a bit like a bite-sized E3, with over 50 game companies there to show their stuff.


Pikmin 2, originally released for the GameCube back in 2004, has now been re-released on the Wii as part of the Nintendo Selects program. The original Pikmin got the same treatment in 2009, with revamped controls to take advantage of the Wii Remote. Like the previous title, Pikmin 2 is built around the idea of exploring an unknown world through the eyes of a microscopic character. Through the help of indigenous creatures known as Pikmin, you guide Captain Olimar and his coworker, Louie, to locate and collect treasure of varying value in an effort to pay off the debt of the of the shipping company they work for, Hocotate Freight. READ MORE