E3 2013


Saints Row, once just another Grand Theft Auto clone, has become a series that manages to marry enjoyable gameplay with a story that doesn’t even begin to take itself seriously. In fact, ‘serious’ may not even be in the Saints Row dictionary. READ MORE


Diablo III? Didn’t that game release last year? Well yes, there was a game by that name, but with just a few key changes, the console release is shaping up to be something very different. Oh, and you can play this game offline! READ MORE


The Total War series has always been about grand strategy meshed with battlefield tactics, but it has grown more refined and complex with each entry. As a result, Creative Assembly has been revisiting some of the more popular historic conflicts and updating them. Rome II looks to enhance and augment the features of the first game, and from what we’ve seen, it’s successful. READ MORE


Castle of Illusion isn’t really for kids.

The game may star Mickey Mouse, but just like its 16-bit predecessor, this new downloadable title can be punishingly hard. Jumps have to be precise. Levels require pattern memorization. Health starts low and stays low, as do weapon supplies, and checkpoints are few and far between. READ MORE


I may not have been able to go to E3 with Graham and Shawn, but my local Best Buy was cool enough to host Nintendo’s E3 Experience, bringing four playable demos of upcoming Wii U games. Being the incorrigible Donkey Kong Country nut I am, nothing stopped me from getting my grubby paws on Retro’s latest. READ MORE