E3 2013


Sonic has had a long and winding past, but after the celebrated nostalgia of Generations, it’s time for the series to once again look forward. Sonic Lost World, a Nintendo-exclusive entry in the series, is trying the little-bit-of-everything approach. READ MORE


The Wolfenstein series has always tried to inject an alternate history slant into the usual World War II shooter, but in The New Order, MachineGames takes it out of the 1940s and places you into a particularly bleak version of the 1960s. READ MORE


E3’s over, but it’s still with us in spirit! We discuss the ups and downs of this year’s show. Also: Remember Me, The Last of Us and Animal Crossing: New Leaf!


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Hosts: Jeff deSolla, Andrew Passafiume, Graham Russell, Henry Skey, Shawn Vermette.
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While we do our best to anticipate what will make us excited before the show starts, it always changes. Here’s a look at what made us psyched at this year’s expo.

Andrew Passafiume

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Just as expected, Metal Gear Solid V’s lengthy E3 trailer completely blew me away. The open world seems amazing, the voice acting is better than I ever could have expected (considering the cast changes) and I love how ambitious it all seems. Hideo Kojima is a madman, but he knows how to wow people. I have nothing but high hopes that this will be my favorite game of next year. READ MORE


Many, even those who enjoyed it, found last year’s Skylanders Giants to be something of a standalone expansion rather than a true progression of visuals and combat. If you were one of those people, you’ll be happy (and distraught about the state of your finances) to learn that this year’s game is a real advancement and worth checking out. READ MORE