Preview: Might & Magic X seeks to rekindle nostalgia

April 8, 2013


Reviving a classic series is always a challenge, but it’s even tougher when its very appeal (at least at this point) is in those nostalgic, dated mechanics. With Might & Magic X, Ubisoft is trying to do just that. It may be just the time, though, as indies and fellow revivals alike have  prepared the audience, and the Heroes spin-off has kept the world and its creatures in the gaming consciousness.  

What it is: Might & Magic X: Legacy is a revival of the classic role-playing series, with the franchise’s party-based, turn-based, grid-based gameplay. Its gameplay is derived mostly from Might & Magic 6 and 7, but the developers are citing 4 and 5 as the main influences for atmosphere and feel. At the same time, the goal is to make the game look nice and play in a more convenient way, while retaining the originals’ fun.


Why we’re excited: The franchise has been dead for a while, and a fresh look is due. What’s more, the one M&MX supports is very clear and usable. It also builds on the aesthetic and advancements made by other Might & Magic branches, so it will be very intuitive to players of the most recent Heroes release.

What we’re wondering: Will the story hold up? A crucial part of a long RPG like this one, it’s just not really in place yet. With various translation barriers involved, it could become disjointed. Or not! We’ll see. Also, it’s early, but games like this are prone to bugs that break quest lines and such. Fingers crossed, then?

We should be able to check out Might & Magic X: Legacy soon: it’s targeting a summer release.