PAX East 2013


Reviving a classic series is always a challenge, but it’s even tougher when its very appeal (at least at this point) is in those nostalgic, dated mechanics. With Might & Magic X, Ubisoft is trying to do just that. It may be just the time, though, as indies and fellow revivals alike have  prepared the audience, and the Heroes spin-off has kept the world and its creatures in the gaming consciousness.   READ MORE


Capybara Games’ Super Time Force started out as an experiment, and frankly, it’s stayed that way. It’s weird, and it focuses on fresh ideas over polish. That said, as the game nears release, it’s carved out a compelling structure to go along with all that originality and charm. READ MORE


Two Tribes’ Toki Tori 2 (which we recently previewed) releases next week on the Wii U eShop. We caught up with creative director Collin van Ginkel at PAX East to answer a few questions about the game.

Snackbar Games: What should players of the first Toki Tori game expect from this one?

Collin van Ginkel: People who loved the first Toki Tori will hopefully love the second game as well. It’s now more of an open-world puzzle adventure game, and before it was really a puzzle platform game. Now we’ve added the storyline, we’ve added an open world and we’ve really simplified the experience. In the old Toki Tori, you had like an inventory with eight items you could use, and it was pretty complex. In this case, as a player you are tasked with solving puzzles, which you do by whistling and stomping next to the creatures and figuring out how they respond. READ MORE


Despite being acquired by Microsoft, Copenhagen-based Press Play isn’t abandoning the games it previously created. Its upcoming project, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, shares many of the concepts of its predecessor, but isn’t exactly following an identical formula. READ MORE


This year’s PAX East was a great showcase for many upcoming titles, big and small. A theme definitely stuck out this year, though, and it’s one that readers of this column will probably appreciate: local multiplayer is making an appearance in full force. In every corner of the show floor, you could find a great project that harkens back to the days when the feature was more common. Here are three specific ones to keep an eye on. READ MORE