September 2011

During TGS, Sony held a press conference about its plans for the Japanese game market in the next year. Of course, most of what was shown was heavily focused on their new handheld console, the Vita. Despite Sony’s stream crashing, forcing many of us to find another venue to watch without English subtitles, I was able to enjoy the whole thing. And even though 90% of it was people talking about things that aren’t video games, I was very pleased with what I’d seen. READ MORE

Some games just have attitude. You know, that intangible quality that throws you into exactly the mindset the developers wanted, that defines the whole experience and really leaves an impression. Avalanche Studios, the team behind the Just Cause series, injected Renegade Ops with a “heck yeah, let’s blow stuff up” feeling that permeates through every corner of the experience. READ MORE

Today we’re talking about the return of Mickey Mouse and 3DS hardware.

Current standings:



The item-based racing genre has tried before to take action up into the air. New Mario Kart games introduce jumps and gliders, and Diddy Kong Racing had planes, back in the N64 days. We haven’t really seen a true implementation of airplane flight, though, and Digital Reality’s SkyDrift tries to take on that challenge in a $15 downloadable title for 360 and PS3. READ MORE

In this installment, we evaluate basketball title Flick Hoops and cargo-loading game Ship It.

Flick Hoops (iPhone): Flick Hoops is a free throw shooting game that combines changing wind patterns with a simple game of hoops. How many shots in a row can you hit? The normal and hard modes of the game feature an industrial fan that is constantly changing wind direction and strength.  READ MORE