April 2012

Warning: there are no video games in this post! It’s all card games from here on out.

At first, Cards Against Humanity seems familiar, but its uniqueness quickly sets in. Many compare it to the more popular Apples to Apples, and with good reason: mechanically, the games are essentially identical. At least insofar as they even have mechanics. But one very important thing separates them both: sense of humor. By which I mean Cards Against Humanity has one. READ MORE

We’ve already reviewed Tropico 4 for you: if you like city-building games, you’ll enjoy it. This time around, Tropico leaves the Cold War behind and enters the modern era. While the new campaign doesn’t do much, the sandbox mode makes it a worthwhile purchase. READ MORE

Long before StarCraft II was a thing, fans of the RTS hit were ravenous for more games in the rich science fiction universe that Blizzard had created. The decision to make Ghost a first-person shooter was somewhat unusual, but not unprecedented. EA had done something similar with Command & Conquer earlier that year. It didn’t do well, but that was mainly a result of quality concerns, something that Blizzard obviously never worries about thanks to their philosophy of quality over pretty much everything else. READ MORE

For the first time since its release in the arcades back in 2005, House of the Dead 4 finally makes its first console appearance on the PlayStation 3. Considering how many times the previous games have been released and re-released, it amazes me this one didn’t come out sooner. READ MORE

This week we’ve got some interesting stripped-down hardware rumors, as well as a discussion on when Blizzard will reveal its next MMO project. READ MORE