April 2012

I’ve been following the Warriors series of games for about a decade now. At some point I conceded that the hack-and-slash genre, specifically Dynasty Warriors, was moving the way of yearly sports releases with its incremental updates and almost-annual releases. Like the gamer that eagerly awaits an updated Madden roster, I too have continued to sink massive amounts of time unlocking and upgrading my various Warriors characters with each new release. Enter Warriors Orochi 3. READ MORE

To me, melee attacks are always the most satisfying way to end someone in an online game. Nothing feels better than having thousands of dollars worth of high-tech weaponry at your disposal and still choosing to take somebody’s life with your bare hands. Thankfully, Paradox Interactive is giving us a whole team-based combat game built around melee combat. READ MORE

From the company that brought you Blood Bowl and garnered a couple of positive reviews in the process, one would figure that the company’s next game would try ride the wave of that success. Focus Home Interactive’s Confrontation, originally a tabletop warfare game, sounds like the type of game that would work very well translated to video game form. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite meet those expectations. READ MORE

This week, we have big new game announcements and release date revelations for big games.

TOP STORY: God of War: Ascension revealed

Rumored for months, Sony finally announced the next title in the God of War franchise. Dubbed Ascension, it will be an origin story for Kratos, following him as he takes his first steps toward the events we know him for. Despite rumors of a multiplayer mode, Sony’s product page for it states it will be single-player only. It is set for an early 2013 release.


In 2010, Jerry of Penny Arcade announced we would not be seeing a third chapter in the Penny Arcade Adventures series. Considering what a fun and fresh take the first two were with their RPG and adventure game trappings, I was really disappointed by this news. Tycho (Jerry) started to continue the On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness story in prose on the PA website, but it just wasn’t the same. Thankfully Zeboyd Games, creator of Cthulhu Saves the World, has stepped in. READ MORE