Pre-E3 2012: What should you expect from Microsoft?

May 29, 2012

Ready for this year’s E3? We’re here to help, with a look at the Big Three.

What we know: Halo 4, out November 6, is clearly the company’s fall anchor, and will likely get a lot of promotional time.  There’s no bigger franchise in the company’s portfolio. Also, Microsoft has said this year’s presentation will largely focus on multimedia capabilities, meaning more announcements of streaming services and dashboard tweaks and fewer ones of new games.

What we think we know: Honestly, Microsoft has never been one to have too many interesting reveals at E3, as their focus is on a handful of franchises and they spend most of the time courting third parties and showing long-form videos of known games. There will once again be a big presentation and a early-DLC deal for the new Call of Duty, and we’ll probably see a release date for Fable: The Journey, if anyone’s still interested. There will be something for Kinect, too, but we don’t have many official announcements on that front.

What we want to know: What about that next system? It’d be nice to have a bit of something to tide us over until next year. Besides that, it’d be nice to see a Dashboard update that fixes all the problems the last one brought, as well as a plan for Kinect to be more core-friendly (or just have another wave of decent games). And what has Rare been working on?

We’ll know for sure next week as the show begins! What do you want to happen?