August 2011

PAX Prime is upon us, which means that once again we shall be hit by a deluge of trailers for many of our most anticipated games. Today, we bring you the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel for Square Enix’s most recent entry in the flagship franchise. For more, read our preview of the game.

Philippe Keyaerts’s Small World was my favorite new game of 2009, with streamlined territorial conquest mechanics and a great mix-and-match fantasy theme. After a few expansions, Days of Wonder has released a new version of the game, Small World: Underground. Taking place in the dark subterranean realm beneath the normal Small World, Underground features the all-new races and powers that a fan of the original game might expect, as well as a couple of new twists. READ MORE

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A bunch of racial stereotypes fight in a world tournament for ultimate power. Wait, is that every fighting game? Well, some games do it better than others, and Power Stone is at the top of the list. In a time where we were hit with a glut of fighters based on basically the same play mechanics, Power Stone was able to shake things up and stand out. Read on to find out what set Power Stone apart from other fighters, and why we desperately need something like it today. READ MORE

One of the defining factors of the Call of Juarez series has been its placement in the Old West, as you blast bad guys and root for the McCall clan. Can the series benefit by updating the game to modern day California and Mexico? It all comes down to cooperative play. READ MORE

In this episode we discuss PS2 games and Castlevania collections making a Vita appearance, as well as Xbox getting to know you even more.

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