October 2011

We like tower defense games, but the formula is getting a bit stale these days. We also like multiplayer action-RPGs, but they’re all blurring into each other lately because nothing stands out. Why not mix the two, then? Developer Trendy Entertainment did just that with Dungeon Defenders, a hybrid game that, despite some peculiar elements, cures the ills of both genres. READ MORE

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was far from a perfect game, but what it did well it did really well. The first piece of DLC, The Missing Link, attempts to bridge the gap between events near the end of the main game’s story. It also manages to focus on what made the game great in the first place: satisfying mechanics, an intriguing plot and plenty of areas to explore. READ MORE

Some games are just a little more straightforward than others. Rather than come up with some overarching reason to make you care about shooting lots of robots, Demiurge Studios’ Shoot Many Robots just throws waves at you and hopes the enemy variety and co-op fun is enough to keep you playing. READ MORE

If you played the original MDK 2, this is a carbon copy of the original with better graphics. If you haven’t played MDK 2, you’re not alone, as it is an 11-year old game that was tough to find at its release on Dreamcast and PC. So is it worth playing now?  READ MORE

You grab your equipment, strap on the utility belt, and make sure your cape is adjusted all before putting on the mask. You are a superhero. Actually, you’re not, but you really want to be. Games have been trying to get players into the role of superheroes for years, but very few have actually been able to accomplish that feeling of truly being behind the mask. It’s not an easy task to accomplish, although some recent releases have proven that, with the right ideas in place, you can make the player believe he has powers too. READ MORE