January 2012

Capcom finally announced the much-anticipated Resident Evil 6, the newest mainline entry in the bestselling series. Accordingly, our trailer this weekend is the big reveal, and it certainly has many Resident Evil fans talking. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

Freebird Games’ To the Moon is a game that has had me thinking for quite a while. It explores themes in way I’ve never seen done in a game before, and does it in a highly original way. I would love to further discuss the game’s themes and story bits in greater detail, but I want to avoid discussing spoilers when so many people have yet to play To the Moon. Instead, I’m going to focus on the more general themes that drive this game and how other games could benefit from using similar concepts. READ MORE

The King of Fighters franchise has had a hard time finding a comfortable spot since making the transition to the current generation. Street Fighter managed to reimagine itself a fourth time. Mortal Kombat, after a slew of average PS2 games, was able to revive itself and shine. Even Tekken managed to polish itself further and refine its gameplay, as well as bring even more beautiful visuals to the table. READ MORE

Video game nostalgia is an odd phenomenon. It makes us hang on to outdated technology, spend hours upon hours sewing scarves and hats adorned with the heroes of our youth and get into heated arguments about which entry in a series is better (rather than agree that they’re both pretty great). But rarely does it lead to anything productive. READ MORE

These days, an action game needs to do something unique or memorable to stand out amongst the many, many options available for purchase. While Afterfall: Insanity doubtless had lofty ideals, it falls short of doing anything that hasn’t been done a dozen times before. READ MORE