October 2013


The Breaking Bad series finale aired September 29, and a void has been created in my television-watching schedule that will not be replaced anytime soon. It has received hyperbolic praise for the acting, direction, cinematography and level of commitment to a storyline that bordered on dark comedy in the first season to a tragic, operatic finale that left audiences shocked, speechless, stunned and satisfied. We’ve never seen anything like it. READ MORE

Strider can be beaten in less than ten minutes. It has fixed enemy patterns and a conscious level design, with enemy attacks based on cold, strict logic. It’s perfectly fair, and health refills are dropped like candy. Sounds easy, right?

It isn’t. READ MORE


Valhalla Knights 3 takes the series onto the Vita, and with this transition comes a major change in tone: it’s much darker and grittier than the previous games. The big difference is the setting, taking place inside of a prison complex and the surrounding area, as opposed to the usual fantasy locales. The result is a collection of decidedly-seedy characters and stories. READ MORE


Did you catch our review of The Wolf Among Us last week? If you did and you were intrigued, then we have good news for you: we’re giving away a Steam season pass for free! Anxious to put on your badge and unravel the mysteries? Here’s how you can:

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  • Contest ends at noon Eastern on October 30, with the winner to be announced on October 31: Halloween!

We’ll draw a random winner from all the entries on the 31st. Good hunting, everyone!


In From Pixels to Polygons, we examine classic game franchises that have survived the long transition from the 8- or 16-bit era to the current console generation.

The franchise that famously saved Square from its looming demise in the NES era, Final Fantasy has gone on to define a genre for many. It’s done so by not shying away from change, and the result is a convoluted path of series evolution that’s doubled back on itself as many times as it’s stepped into uncharted territory. READ MORE