May 2014


I’m thankful my Snackbar duties don’t extend to reviewing games. I don’t have the objectivity to separate my feelings from actual game design. I’m a sucker for emotional impact and that is my greatest influence when discussing games. There are just too many factors to contemplate when considering an overall score. Would it really bother me if there’s clipping on level six? How about if the plot isn’t original? Is there multiplayer?

One of the weirdest aspects of a game to review, I would think, is the presentation.  Much like with food, with video games it really matters. What does the box art look like? Does everything “fit” with the overall theme? How long are the load times? My ultimate decision on presentation, however, boils down to the menus. READ MORE

On this episode of Snack Time, we don’t let technical issues keep us down! Graham jumps into his Super Famicom collection, joined by Lucas and Andrew. Featured games: Battle Cross, Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, Kunio-kun no Dodgeball, Torneko’s Mystery Dungeon and Tetris Battle Gaiden. Topics: Transistor, Motocross Maniacs and more!

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NIS America brought Mugen Souls to the West in 2012, and a year and a half later, we find Chou-Chou and crew embarking on another adventure. Finishing her takeover of the Seven Worlds, she sets her sights on becoming even more powerful, distributing her peons amongst the aptly named Twelve Worlds to bring her conquest to a new level. With a story like that, something obviously has to go wrong at the beginning. Naturally, this happens, but since this is a Compile Heart game, it’s taken to a new extreme. READ MORE


If we expect gaming to grow into its own as a medium to stand among literature, film and music in terms of cultural relevance, we can’t dismiss any work’s artistic merits. If we don’t take our medium seriously, then who will? To that end, I have a hypothesis that some would call downright mad: that Goat Simulator is the most important interactive experience of the year. No, I’m not kidding (no pun intended). READ MORE


I’ve previously written about the unfortunate history of handheld multiplayer and the occasional experiences that are worth having. The advent of wireless multiplayer in the DS era has certainly made things at least a bit easier, but up until this point, there just hasn’t been that much outside of Pokemon trading to get people to give it a try, and if you can’t get people in the door, there’s no reason to work on more games to keep those who’ve bought in happy.

Now that’s about to change. Now we’re getting a handheld Super Smash Bros. title. READ MORE